Yesterday, one of my board ops and I made a field trip to Williamstown, to visit my favorite record store. The trip was quite rewarding. I highly, highly recommend Tunerville Trolley. And I get to go back there tomorrow! I'm still pulling music for my show that techs on Monday. Since I'm the associate, I don't really get to make the big decisions, but I get to make the road trips!
I also have to go back to W'town to get another letter for my name bracelet. I spaced when I was there and bought an r instead of an s. Whoops. Guess I should have taken the bracelet with me.
I love knitting. I suppose that's evident from the themes of this site, but yesterday I had a wonderful evening with one of my roommates. She'd decided that she wanted to learn to knit socks, and procured the necessary supplies in Northhampton. She was well advised at the wool shop. So, we sat on the couch and knit on our respective projects. It was lovely. I'd also recently received a letter from a friend overseas advising on an overly large sweater. I've decided to just live with it large, as an object lesson, but her advice was very good.
I'm still working on the second sock in the pair for my grandmother. Her birthday was last sunday. That's a small problem. She was very kind about it when I called her, but I'd wanted to have them finished ahead of time for once. And shipped off. Instead, my grandmother will have an extended birthday when her presents arrive. I haven't reached the heel yet on the second sock.
Maybe I should befriend people with smaller feet.
I bought a carabiner with a watch in its shaft. That's hardcore. It got appreciative glances at the midnight production meeting last night. Yep, midnight. Mmmm, I love my job. The invited dress rehearsal is tonight.


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