Highlights of the past week:
Setting off the fire alarm three times in two days. If they didn't know the way to the theater before, the fire department certainly does now! Unfortunately, they charge for every call, so we can't really afford any more visits from the fire truck.

Actually having the signal to make calls on my cell phone. It only works when I'm mobile, but through some freak alignment of the planets, it worked for ten minutes outside the stage door. I called my business partner.

Going out for ice cream with my roommate Claire. We went to a local non-chain place that makes marvellous sorbets. The pear sorbet tasted just like biting into a bartlett pear, but less messy. I'm going to miss Claire once she leaves. She doesn't plan to stay until her show opens, only through the first preview.

Being able to fix a problem after a good forty hours spent on another problem that I couldn't fix. I haven't pulled an all-nighter on theatre since I graduated college, but I did last weekend. And I didn't get the problem resolved that night. Or the next day. Or ever. I later learned that I'd been wiring a short into the connector, but even after that was corrected, the problem didn't go away. So, I was really relieved that I could fix--well, temporarily fix-- a problem with the speaker in our studio theater. One has been runing consistently weaker than its twin. That wouldn't be a problem if we didn't run stereo channels (that is, the left and right in one fader instead of two). So, I kicked up the level from the amp. Spinal Tap jokes were made. They're balanced for the meantime, but I think that a replacement will have to be put in before the end of the season.

Putting wiper fluid in my car. Yeah, it's mundane, but I felt like Rosie the Riveter as I stood there under my hood in the rain.

Picking up a gorgeous skein of Tibetan silk for a scarf. The yarn is made from recycled silk saris by economically disadvantaged women in Tibet. It has a wonderful hand and great variegation. I plan to make the scarf as a going-away gift for my stylish, witty roommate, Lisa. I suppose I'll have to knit it secretly in my room if I want it to be a surprise.

There was a lot of crap that went on this week, as some of the above entries suggest. I've got a large enough grey cloud over my head already to dwell on them any further. Let's just say that the week has been rough on everyone. More reason to look forward to my party! We work so hard, it's time to play hard.


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