I finally gave in and bought a new shower sponge. It didn’t exactly break the bank. Let’s hope that this one doesn’t go the way of its predecessor. I picked it up on a trip to the pharmacy. Somehow, it took them a good twenty minutes to transfer the pills from a large bottle into a smaller one and slap a label on it. I wondered idly, while standing at the counter impatiently, if they were on a slow-down strike. I hope not to need their services again.
Two emails from Green Eyes in one day! I needed news from the outside world, and he obliged. The theatre is its own floating world, especially with so many shows in, and going into, production. One cannot be on the job all the time, or only talk shop. It is my goal to cultivate other topics of conversation. I suppose there’s always the weather, the mosquitoes, the state of the downstairs bathroom, et al. That’s all so mundane.
Equipment procurement is causing much grief. Made a full round of phone calls Monday trying to get a 100’ MIDI cable, given much false or useless information. I ended up having to call the manufacturer. Discovered this evening that I’ve gotten the run around from a second trusted mail order company on this matter. Suspect that I will have to make another call to the manufacturer, again reiterating that I am desperate for the equipment. I am afraid to ask the designer what should happen if I cannot get it in time. Failure is a terrible thing to contemplate.
I am covered in mosquito bites, all of them in odd places. I’ve tired of the girly-drink smelling stuff that we keep in our apartment, so I bought a can off old-school, take no prisoners repellent to replace it. I suspect that I’ve been scratching at my bites in my sleep, which is no good. I work so hard not to scratch them while conscious.


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