I've finally replaced the missing letter in my name bracelet. It looks really hot. Unfortunately, I was wearing Dewberry perfume (the scent from the Body Shop that was so popular, it was banned in my friend's high school in Scotland) my first day back of wearing it, so now it smells fruity. In my defense, I wanted a light, summery fragrance and couldn't find one of my scores of tiny bottles of Clinique Happy. It's ironic, considering how seldom I remember to wear scent. It isn't obvious to me, like my glasses.
I got a response from my good friend Ricky and her son regarding the sounds of the Blitz. I'm so glad that I thought to ask her, and very grateful for her son's assistance in the interview. I can't imagine how frightening it must have been to live in Britain in that time period. I've come across some interesting things, tangentially related, while searching for a good air raid siren file online. There were air raid jumpers that people wore, so named for the ease with which they could be thrown on in the event of a raid. They sound sort of like a work jumpsuit, with a big, utilitarian zipper down the front. There's also an odd website entirely devoted to air raid sirens, airraidsirens.com. The proprietor obviously loves sirens and has a lot of free time.
That's not a problem that I have, though I did manage to have the morning to myself. I headed off to a funky little art supply store and picked up a new fountain pen (it's funny how I never lose the one with the scratchy, ultrafine nib, but my good ones grow legs and walk away), a moleskine, and some quirky, marked-down paper. Even luckier, the clerk gave me a discount! A very good morning.
I've finished the heel on the second sock for my grandmother. Woo-hoo! Maybe I can work on it during tech this week.
Which reminds me....tech....I didn't get the road box back down to the studio theatre and loathe the idea of doing it myself later. It's unlikely that I can convince Jason that he doesn't want it....


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