This message is for those persons who call me when I don't post to my site for a while. I'm sitting in my studio, also known as my associate's kitchen, listening to Culture Club. We'd planned to attend a workshop for Chicago area designers, but a quick call to the theatre revealed that the workshop was last Wednesday, not today. Oh, well. Now I'm a bit less stressed about not being able to print my business cards yesterday. Somehow, the template for my cards that comes loaded in Word isn't aligned with the performations in the card stock. After about half an hour of trying to finesse them to fit, I needed to walk away from it.

Maybe I can get Lewis to block my sweater tonight instead....

My item from eBay finally arrived last week. It made its appearance on my doorstep the only day of the week that I wasn't at home. I am unsure what my expectations of the yarn were when I purchased it, but it turned out to be one thousand yards of sock weight yarn. I wound it into a ball the size of a melon, which, even with the assistance of the swift, took all afternoon. I plan to make a pair of socks for my mother, as a thank you for doing all four sets of my tax returns this year. I'm so spoiled having an in-house accountant. I've made a lot of socks lately, which is funny when you consider that I wear clogs most of the time. As soon as my Green Mountain Spinnery sweater is finally blocked and assembled, I can move onto another sweater project. I hate having a lot of unfinished projects around.

The nominations for the Jeff Awards were finally announced. My last project did not garner any nominations. It was perhaps overly optimistic to think that we would, but one of the director/producers wasvery gung-ho about it. He said that if we were to receive any nominations, the show would be remounted. So, in a way, I as relieved. I can finally let go of that show, those people, and all the energy about the group. It wasn't a bad experience, exactly, but far from ideal. Comparisons could be made to the end of a relationship. I'm on another show already, so I wouldn't have been able to re-open Wanda June, and that feels wonderful. The show is a Beckett piece, which is an ideal intellectual sorbet to Kurt Vonnegut. And having only two actors, instead of nine, is a nice change of pace.

I caught up on my periodical reading at the library on Monday, listening to my little minidisc player and plowing through a stack of Vanity Fairs. I was reading American Theatre, in a somewhat uninterested attempt to keep current within my industry, when I found my thumb across the name of one of my exes, in bold print. It caught me in an unguarded moment. He and I no longer speak, so it is interesting to occasionally hear news of him. And yet, it makes me wonder if I ought to take Ned's advice and date someone outside of the industry. But where would I meet such a person?


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