Today was a much needed day off. A day to run errands! In the rain! Alas, most of the places that I wanted to go were closed. It seems other people had the day off as well. I was not upset about this turn of events, oddly. After a frightening turn of tunnels, ramps, and sheet plywood in TImes Square Station, I decended to the NR platform to hear a woman playing Bach on a saxophone. It was a revelation. The saxophone is not, I believe, a baroque instrument. And yet, lovely sounds issued forth from her shining horn.
The purpose of this venture was to obtain a copy of the new McSweeneys. I knew I should have subscribed to them years ago, when they offered a lifetime subscription for something like $100. Oh well. Luckily, St. Marks was open and had many copies. I was happy. Happy enough not to be upset that all of my other plans for the day fell through. That is the beauty of the legal holiday; it frees you up not to care about little annoyances.
I finished my green and blue socks yesterday. I wore them today with a pair of Birks. It was perhaps not the best choice of footwear for a rainy day. Of course, I have begun another project, a pair of Fortissima Fair Isle socks. The pattern is printed onto the yarn, so it requires no tedious color work.
I am still looking for another job. That is, a job to replace my current one. I would prefer something related to my chosen field, but mostly, I'd like to earn enough to live on. Enough to live in New York on.


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