Oh, I forgot to mention my latest adventure in things technical. My boss's ancient mac died, possibly due to the move. He refused to give it up for dead, I suspect because he probably hadn't backed it up. So, he pried it open and pulled out the hard drives to install in his "new" computer. His "new" computer is at least six years old and has different protocol than the previous one. You know you're in trouble when you have to upgrade to a machine that the tech support people call a doorstop! So, he had me carry it over to Tekserve in a big box, where I waited patiently for service. Tekserve is an interesting place. Their waiting area looks like a lounge at the airport and features an old coke machine that dispense little glass bottles for ten cents. I drank several in my hour long wait, while watching early video art projected onto a giant screen. It was a piece that I'd seen before at MassMoCA featuring complicated chain reactions, all done in a single take. The service estimate was predictable. They promised nothing, which is what I suspect will be received.
When I returned to the office, I told a couple of the tech staff about it. This sort of thing is typical behavior for my boss. The head of IT told me that he has a brand new Dell that my boss refuses to use because it isn't a mac. He prefers to try to revive a machine that was state of the art while I was in grade school.


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