It's official: TWO of my relatives read this blog! I suppose that I could just sit down and write letters, but that isn't gadget-y enough for me. I like gadgets.
I am recovering from the flu. I had to leave work early on Friday because of it. Luckily, one of my stage manager friends came to meet me at work and took me back to her apartment to nap and recover. Matzo ball soup, homeopathic remedies, and an incredible amount of sweat seem to have flushed it from my system. I'm still not 100%. The brain moves slower when you are ill. I also have a chapped nose. I'm trying not to be a big baby about being sick, or as little as possible considering that I can't breathe through my nose.
I'm supposed to meet one of my friends at the Goethe Institute tomorrow for the reception of a photography exhibition, but that looks unlikely. There are a lot of exhibitions on the subject of New York up now. I went to one at the Jewish Museum a couple of weeks ago, which I mentioned in a previous post.
Now, I am downloading a big update to my antivirus software. I already downloaded it once this morning, but the file turned out to be corrupt. There was much swearing involved.


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