My job has reached new lows in terms of drudgery. We've just moved our offices, so most of my tasks have been related to that. Like packing (and predictably, unpacking) my boss's desk. For this, I got a degree? My boss proudly told me on Friday that he put me in speed dial on his cell phone. We're a cell-heavy office. I suspect this is to blame for the fact that I went over my 600 minute calling plan last month. 600 minutes is ten hours .
I went to the International Center for Photography last night. The exhibits were dull, but the space is gorgeous. I sat through most of a series of "short" multichannel video art pieces, causing great boredom for my companion. One of them was beautiful, featuring a woman in a paisley broomstick skirt twisting about underwater. Afterwards, I went home and watched silent super 8 movies with my hosts. They could easily convert to a video art piece; film looks sp much better than video.
I am still knitting the blue and green vareigated socka socks that I was working on while standing in line at TKTS. Now, I am on the second sock. Knitting in the round attracts a lot of curiosity/attention when done in public places. I am eagerly awaiting a second skein of peace fleece so that I can finish the scarf that has been sitting on a pair of needles for too long. Since the recipient of the scarf said that he doesn't want to see it until it is finished, so that it will be a surprise, I can only work on it after he has gone to bed. I feel like a reverse Penelope.


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