Things are moving very quickly on my Jaeger sock. Maybe I will work in DK more often! I've been putting off working on my Rebecca pattern shell, since I've gotten to the point that I must begin the color work. It isn't shown with color work in Rebecca, but I've decided to knit the ribbing at the color and armholes in a contrasting grey. This would be much easier had I chosen a pattern where the ribbing is knitted later than the body of the garment. Instead, I must reinvent the wheel. Knitting with four letter words.
I took a photo of the Hudson the other day, an entire frame of waves. I don't see the Hudson everyday, even though I go through the Lincoln Tunnel five times a week. The ideal image would have had a 2/3 water composition, but there were too many distracting details on the horizon like New Jersey. I've yet to complete the twelve exposure roll of film that I began when I first arrived in this fair city. That's a depressing thought.


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