Stockinette City

I am knitting a project full of monotonous stockinette. And it's knit flat, so half of that it is purling. Every twelfth row, I get to decrease. Sweet! Eventually, I will get to make eyelets and bird's eye stitch (the occasional purl really mixes it up). And despite the knitting boredom, I really like this project.

The project is swimming along in Sublime organic cotton dk. Several people on Ravelry have made the Bliss top in Rowan purelife cotton, so the Sublime in my stash seemed a reliable substitute. Good instinct. It has a really lovely drape, possibly due to all of its fine plies. It can be splitty, though, and does not bear frogging well. Still, I like it and am glad to be knitting something so lovely from stash.

I didn't join any of the Knitting Olympics teams this year. I can't be bothered to cast on a new project. Now, that is an obvious lie, but I am resisting fiercely the urge to do so. I can still appreciate the draw of the Knitting Olympics. Tonight, as I watched the opening ceremony, my knitting flew. I'm not really a sports person, but I love watching the parade of nations. Weird, I know.

I had planned to go to open knit night at the LYS, but I felt too crampy and a general blah. I had to force myself out of the house to run a couple of quick errands. I did something wildly out of character today. I bought mart yarn. Normally, I consider this stuff trayf. I still wouldn't touch most of it with a ten foot pole. After *some* research on Ravelry, I decided to make the Lelah top (with many mods) out of Cotton-ease. Made by the much mocked and dreaded Lion Brand. All of the versions I really liked on Ravelry were made with it, so I decided to go give it a poke. Four skeins followed me home. I don't plan to make a habit of this, but using Cotton-ease doesn't feel like slumming. It's not Red Heart, after all.

I accidentally exfoliated my eyes yesterday. By eyes, I do not mean my eyelids, but my actual eyeballs. Not my idea of a good time. I was exfoliating my face in the shower, when I got some of the scrub in my eyes. The scrub contains salt, coconut, and vodka, so it was kind of like taking a margarita to the eye. They're fine now, but I'm wearing my glasses just to be safe.

I do not need more yarn. I'm putting that out in the universe. So, it was disappointing to miss the Mamablue shop update on etsy, but not a tragedy. I just have to remember the depth of my stash when I go to Stitches in a couple weeks. I've only knit with one of the things that I bought there last year. So, no Webs booth for me. I'm looking for buttons for projects and maybe some semi-solid sock yarn. And I don't need the sock yarn.


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