After a long resting period, I decided to pick up my Clapotis again. Zoe and I made a bunch of them around Christmas and I really needed a break. Since I have tickets in the Pavilion at Ravinia in a couple weeks, I decided to finish the Clapotis. It gets so chilly there at night. Well,there are a couple of flaws in this plan. The concert is a matinee, for starters. August afternoons aren't known for their chill in the Northern Hemisphere. Second, my two skeins of Silk Rhapsody are visibly different, despite being from the same dye lot. This is one of the few things that I hate about hand dyes. Still, I thought, I can live with this. I can't live with being about twenty yards short of finishing the project and I'll be damned if I have to buy another skein to finish it. Frogging it to make it smaller is equally unappealing. I put out a call to a friend who might have matching scraps, so please keep your fingers crossed!

I'm really cycling through my Netflix queue now. I finally got around to seeing Good Night and Good Luck yesterday. Amazing. It was so well made. I suppose it had to be, since the market for black and white films these days is quite small. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend renting it. The writers and director did an exquisite job of commenting on the current atmosphere of fear by focusing on Senator McCarthy. I've got Bernstein's Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra coming up in the queue. My mom saw it the first time around, but I've only seen pieces here and there. I anticipate a Bernstein marathon with the phone turned off.

A trip to the newsstand kicked off an afternoon of visual feast today. I picked up the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting. There aren't really any projects that I anticipate making, but it's still a great issue. Excellent styling. The other magazine was the latest Vanity Fair. It's their best dressed issue, so it's full of great editorial and loads of ads. So, so glossy! There is an absolutely breathtaking Valentino two page ad about a third of the way through the magazine. I really couldn't tell you what the clothes look like (which you'd think would be a problem in advertising), but it is incredibly glamorous. I might go back and read the articles later.

In order to feel like I can accomplish something, I decided to clean out the text messages on my phone. Well, that and it kept telling me that the memory was full. Almost all of the messages were to or from a certain person. Sigh. I deleted a lot of them. They're just not important anymore. Rereading all of them was interesting. It reminded me of that great montage at the end of Annie Hall, when they run into one another in Central Park.


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