All of that Olympic progress made on Bliss was for naught. I missed a very important sentence in the pattern, resulting in an unfortunate math error that wasn't discovered until I reached the waist. Before the comforting sentence that read, "Knit front same as back", there was another sentence that involved casting on 30 more stitches for the front than for the back. Definitely not the same. So, I had to tear the front out entirely and cast on anew. Cotton so loves being torn out and reknit! My progress on the reknitting has been somewhat desultory, in that I don't really feel like doing it. I got a couple of hours in tonight while watching women's gymnastics and men's swimming relays. Lots of drama, and a few very long rows knit.

Quinine and I are no longer friends. I really hope that I never get malaria. I drank a gin and tonic this afternoon and had a serious headache afterwards. Not that "my hair hurts" hangover headache, but more of a head in a vise feeling. Like a good hypochondriac, I looked up quinine on the interweb and discovered that it can indeed cause headaches. So no more G&Ts for me. Guess that rules out my lifelong ambition of going east with the Raj.

Remember the accidental ocular exfoliation story from last week? I told the story to my mom and she reacted to the fact that I wash my face with vodka. That was the oddly important detail for her. You are undoubtedly picturing me standing over the sink, pouring a bottle of Stoli on my face. That would be a waste of good vodka. I do wonder if the vodka in my face scrub (which I do not use everyday, as I would like to still have skin) might help take the edge off a hangover. Maybe I'll write up a fake research proposal for further study. Topical application of vodka and particulate matter cleaning solution and its efficacy in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms.... It certainly wouldn't measure up to a mimosa, possibly the best excuse for drinking before the sun is over the yard arm.


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