So, I might actually have to leave the house to have human interaction now that Facebook has pulled Scrabulous. Fools! I signed up for Facebook so that I could play Scrabulous, not because I had some burning desire to be invited to add lots of pointless apps. Sigh. I had some really good games going, including one with an opening move bingo. Wordy, nerdy anger!

Leaving the house can be a bit of a disappointment these days. People keep calling me "Mrs." Johnson. I'm not sure why this bothers me, but it does. Ironic, considering that I liked being called Madame in France (when not being mistaken for a prostitute. Long story.). Maybe I just want to be cranky. The "family cereal" sign in the supermarket rankled me a bit today. Oh, I'm looking for the dissolute chain smokers cereal section. The cereals that only use cartoon characters ironically, please.

Also, I can't find anyone to go to Ravinia with me this weekend. I've been looking forward to seeing the Gipsy Kings for months, but two sets of plans have fallen through on this outing. This always seems to be a problem with Ravinia, and I really hate going alone. I don't have a problem going to concerts by myself, but a party of one on the lawn really blows.

The cat and I have reached a detente on the desk issue. As in, this battle of the wills has ended in a tie. I am as stubborn as a cat. He can lie there as long as he actually lies down. He's remarkably opaque. Also, no chewing. He decided to nom my microphone--the mic itself--the other day and there was shouting and stomping of feet. He wisely fled. He is an effective reminder not to let crap pile up on my desk, because he does not care what he lies on or pats off.

On the knitting front, I am currently making a pair of stockinette socks. Just knitting, for the whole thing. It's quick, but it is incredibly boring. So, I decided to poke around on Ravelry for interesting sock patterns, of which there is no shortage. Sometimes I find really inspirational things on Ravelry, and other times I see projects that make my eyes vibrate and my stomach quake. Everyone thinks their own taste is good, I guess.


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