Isn't it funny that I still get that Sunday night feeling, even though I don't have to go to work tomorrow? I had a fairly normal Sunday: slept until noon, watched some Anthony Bourdain and part of the Mad Men marathon, knit a little, and had dinner with the grands. I even got to play with my mom's new GPS (that I picked out) and de-stash some yarn. All good things, but still, the ennui sets in. I have new mosquito bites and Winston is protesting his exile to the corner of the desk. It's a big corner. Oh, and I have some paranoid theory about one of my friends signing off of Facebook when I try to send a message. Wouldn't that be a killer app, avoidance. Yes, self-pity Sunday chez Kirstin.

Winston's just let out a giant sigh because I'm making the clickety-click typing sounds that disturb his sleep and won't let him make a nest out of my new semi-solid Jitterbug. He loves to use yarn as a pillow and never the cheap stuff. Just when I think that I've collected all the Jitterbug I might want, they released a new line of semi-solids. I've decided that semi-solids are the way to go now, since I'm tired of making plain old socks and don't want all my pattern work obscured by variegated yarn. I'm not getting rid of any variegated, I'm just not looking to acquire more. I say that like I didn't just snap up a skein of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. If you're a sock knitter, or a Noro-phile, I suggest trying this yarn. It is so much nicer than the Kureyon sock. I haven't had a chance to knit with it yet, but it's been fondled.

The birthday socks went over well. I didn't run the ends in, which was part laziness and part craft. The cast-off was a bit too tight to fit my mom's leg (which is always tricky about toe-up socks. If you know a good, elastic cast-off, please let me know).
She's a knitter, so she can correct that herself. I set up her GPS unit for her, so I don't feel too guilty about letting her fix the cast-off.

I was lucky to have finished the socks ahead of schedule, because Mamablue, the excellent indie dyer, just updated her store on etsy. Not only is her yarn fabulous, but she also offers a $5 discount to people who have completed a project made from it. Discount washable seacell? I am there! Now I can't buy yarn until I start my xmas presents (unless I manage to knit them from stash, but I sometimes find it hard to part with beloved yarn). I'm confident that I won't run out anytime soon.


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