I had a Pride filled Sunday this week. My favorite aunt twisted my arm and talked me into going to the parade with her. Crowds and I don't mix, so I rarely go to parades. I go to big events like Pride just often enough to remember why I don't go to big events. It isn't just the crowds, but the great unwashed masses. Sweaty, cranky, stinky people who mysteriously bring dogs, lawn chairs, tiny children, and strollers with them. Seriously? Still, I couldn't resist accompanying Maria to her first Pride. We had a great time. She even got beads. We didn't find any of the friends we were supposed to meet, but we did see a lesbian who was a dead ringer for my (male)cousin Chris. Same haircut and everything, which made my aunt do a double take. When it started to rain, we shoved our way out of the crowd and headed to the pub. We sat at a tiny table with low stools of a height appropriate for kindergartners, which was great for a party of six. We managed to have a lovely lunch and welcome escape from the rain.

My little yellow bug gets a lot of looks and comments. I'm still getting used to that. The other day on the Ike, I got an unusual response. There was a middle aged, long haired man driving an older Jeep in the lane next to me. The Jeep looked like it had been ridden hard and put away wet and sounded like it was powered by an outboard motor. So, the driver keeps staring at me, which I attributed to the powerful combination of girl and cute car. These looks were less than friendly, and I realized why when he pulled ahead of me in traffic. His tailgate was covered in flag, union, and other patriotic stickers. He also had a handmade sign about driving an American car because he loved his country. And there I was in my little German car. Ugh.

I love my Beetle, but sometimes I see other slugbug owners who maybe love their cars a little too much. Twice today, I saw other yellow bugs covered in girly decals. The first was covered in flower stickers and driven by a middle aged woman. The second was covered in flowers and butterflies. It looked like what would happen if eight year olds drove cars. When I saw it in the parking lot, I was secretly afraid that the decals might be contagious. Other people might idly worry about their shower curtains killing them or that big Swiss supercollider, but I afraid that one day I will find my car decked out with flower light caps, daisy rims, and cartoonish stickers.

I just finished a hectic photoshoot. The models? All of the yarn that I acquired from a friend's de-stash. I'm sad that Linda moved back to Ohio, but her generous yarn gifts totally make up for all of the yarn that was stolen with my Buick. I felt like some sort of yarn pornographer (sadly, that skein of Jitterbug cannot arch its back a little more)!

Usually, I don't make the same pattern multiple times. Today, I cast on for a second concurrent sock project. I'm not making a pair of socks, but one of two different pairs. They're in a corrugated looking ribbing that I think is called garter rib. It certainly shows off all of the variegation! The first pair I've named the Sesame Street socks, due to the color scheme.

The second pair is knit in Colinette Jitterbug, possibly the best sock yarn ever. That could be hyperbole, but I love it. Making the same pattern in Jitterbug only cements my hate towards the Juliet yarn in the other pair. It didn't look like I thought it would. Sure, I like a yarn that photographs well, but I've got to see it in person once in a while. Also, it's kind of hairy and splitty, due to a loose ply. Of course, the Sesame Street socks are a gift for a friend with large feet. Sigh.

Otherwise, things have been relatively dull. I'm embracing my AV nerd side (side, right. It's my profession). I spent the better part of the afternoon editing photos, uploading my new acquisitions to Ravelry, and working on this blog. I just cannot get a Flickr badge I like to work on this page. One of my friends just started a video blog. As I watched it, I couldn't help but think of how I would re-cut it. I'm a ruthless dramaturg: I think everyone could use a visit from Sally Scissors. Youtube being what it is, I can't download the footage to edit. Just as well.

*That Hello Kitty bug is simply for illustrative purposes. If I had seen that car in person, I might still be standing there, mouth agape.


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