I've been pretty busy being a Pisces lately. My moods have been up, down, all around. I've been rocking the under-eye circles (partly because I stay in bed until the last possible moment and don't have time to slap on some concealer). I'm dying to sleep in, loll about in bed without a care in the world. A quick glance at my schedule reveals that isn't possible until Friday. Argh.

Yesterday was my day off, but I was busy all day doing responsible adult things, like going to the bank. Oh, and a four plus hour trip the the salon to get my hair fixed. I'm always surprised at how long it takes at this particular place, like I've never been there before. But seriously, four hours? I had loose plans to meet a friend for lunch, but had to cancel via text message while my hair was covered in foils. Very classy. Still, all that sitting still was worth it. My red on red color is fabulous, and the stylist fixed my almost-right-yet-irritatingly-wrong haircut in five minutes.

So, I took my beautiful hair to the symphony. I've been looking forward to this concert all season, since it featured music from Vertigo, my favorite film. Other audience members seemed less thrilled, like the women to either side of me who snored throughout the concert (that's an expensive nap!), or the couple who argued all through intermission. The funniest thing about their argument was how poorly articulated it was. "You know how I feel about Vertigo," the woman raged, "Some woman dies in it." Um, isn't that the basic plot of most of Hitchcock's films? The program was brilliant. I wish that it had been my idea. It was a bit static at times, which may have led to the snores, and perhaps a bit too conceptual for some. The Friday Night at the Movies series usually features films with live scoring, not an intermedia piece (again, so jealous).

So, I'm off to work today. Normally, this would be my day off, but I am covering for a coworker going to a Cubs game. So I'll be the designated redhead today.


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