Music is the answer

I've been dragging around the house today. The internet does not amuse me and no one's picking up the phone. Ennui has set in. Nothing entertains me today, and I find myself brooding over the meaning of Sinatra lyrics. Isn't "A Very Good Year" really about the need for more and more stimuli, how our tastes become more sophisticated as we age? Maybe it's the return of Saturn, I don't know. I try to play it cool and I can't.

What has gotten me out of this Piscean funk? My drug of choice, music. Perhaps you have heard that Zooey Deschanel has an album out. Buy it. I wouldn't have thought that she could be more adorable, but She & Him makes me love that quirky, wide-eyed indie girl even more. Happy/sad love songs, retro girl singer arrangements, and an amazing cover of "You Really Got a Hold of Me" have made this album a quick fave on my ipod.

I also purchased an old album of chansons by Mme Sarkozy, Carla Bruni. Meghan at work recommended it to me. Seems we both love dreamy French music (see Keren Ann, Monade, Stereolab, et al). Quelqu'un M'a Dit makes an oddly good pairing with She & Him. Of course, I strive to complicate the iTunes store's recommendations algorithm. Really, how do you make predictions for someone who buys folk, trip hop, and French pop?


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