I've got my voice back now and I'm making up for lost time! I am full of opinions, but oddly still lacking in energy. Maybe it's the uninspiring weather. This is the sort of day perfect for curling up with a book and a cat (provided that the cat is willing. He's had to be forcibly removed from the heat duct several times this afternoon.). This would undoubtedly lead to a long, afternoon nap. Given the choice between almost anything and sleep, I would choose sleep. I've been really tired lately and not getting much done. Yesterday, I planned to get moving in the morning, get a new driver's license (mine broke in half), go see a movie, get a manicure, etc. How much of that do you think I did? None. The current plan is to go to the DMV after my hair appointment this week. It doesn't guarantee a cute picture, but at least increases the odds.

My knitting is progressing slowly. Maybe I have too many projects going at once. The Malabrigo cardigan is marinating right now. I'm afraid of running out of yarn, which it is eating up quickly. I'm working on two pairs of socks: one for work out of Araucania Ranco Multi and one for me out of Noro Kureyon sock. Both are being knit from the toe up, Magic Loop, on Knitpicks fixed circulars. The Ranco makes a really soft, squishy fabric, with surprising color variation. The yarn is much more purple in the fabric than it looked in the skein. The Kureyon is full of surprises as well. It's not nearly as scratchy as it feels in the ball and makes a very striking sock. It's a lively single, which is a bit frustrating at times, but I am pleased with the project. I am also working on a One Skein Wonder shrug out of yarn from my stash, shale colored Manos. It's sort of an unusual un-color, but I like it.

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday on the first, which led to a weekend long family celebration. It was a great deal of fun, as my Aunt Jeanne came to visit and regaled us all with old family stories. My grandmother received so many phone calls for her birthday, as well as two floral bouquets and a fruit bouquet. The fruit was incredible. I had seen ads for them before and figured that the pictures were doctored, but the bouquets really do look that good. They also taste amazing. Everyone agreed that it was an excellent and clever gift from our cousin. My grandmother is terribly hard to shop for. I'd planned to make a lace scarf for her out of laceweight Malabrigo (fabulous! love!), but couldn't work on it while I was sick. I didn't want to give my grandmother a smallpox blanket birthday present. So, it's going to be a Mother's Day gift instead.

My mother talked me into getting a pedicure today. I've avoided them due to the state of my feet. I wear clogs without socks, and have hoof-like feet as a result. Calloused, rough, and neglected, they weren't going to improve on their own. I really needed a pedicure. It sounds so frivolous, but my feet feel so much better now. And I have cute pink nails. If I keep this up, I might even be able to wear sandals this summer.


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