Deja Vu

Remember when my car was stolen a couple of years ago? It's happened again. I might laugh if had happened to someone else, but I am at wit's end. Why would anyone want to steal a 1994 Buick Century? Why does this keep happening to me? I parked it in a non-skeazy lot where I have parked many times before, displayed my ticket, locked the doors like a responsible adult, etc., but still it is gone. I am heartbroken.

Things that I am pissed about being taken with the car: several bags of Malabrigo yarn, a bag of Rowan Tapestry that I'm supposed to use in a store sample, lots of Colinette Tagliatelli, my haul from the Knitting Workshop sale, and the Misti cotton that I bought to make a new Something Red. Also: my good eyeshadow brush, irreplaceable test skein of Malabrigo sock, and a good part of my MAC stash. Damn you, car thieves! I hope that you get gangrenous feet! I hope that all of your sweaters get moth holes and shrink in the wash!

Until all of this is resolved, my transportation options are very limited. Please do not be offended if I turn down an invitation. Maybe I can't get there, or would prefer to spend time sulking in my bathtub.


Angela said...

That SUCKS! My brother had two cars stolen, and my then-boyfriend-now-husband had his total beater Honda Civic stolen his last year of law school. (His bike was also stolen that year--no wheels at all for the rest of the year.) Good luck--and sorry about the yarn and MAC.

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