Sorry for the temporary blog abandonment. I've been running myself ragged. First Christmas, then late nights with friends, and now a commissioned piece with a fast approaching deadline. I could live in the bathtub! So, I'm going to cheat on this post and make a random list. I'll do a real post once the sweater is finished.

* I finally broke down and bought myself the MAC brush set for eyes, after several years of putting it on the xmas list. Clearly, my relatives do not appreciate my need to be fabulous. They are so much better than my old Clinique brushes. It is so much easier to do my eyes now (especially with their eyeliner brush! Love!) that I might actually do my makeup more often. I also got some new under-eye concealer and powder. It was a good day for the MAC counter.

* After working with both the Addi Turbos and the Addi Turbo Lace needles, I still prefer the originals. The point on the lace needles is fabulous, but I miss the slickness of the original turbos. This is not to say that the lace needles are poky, it's more like the difference between 4th and 5th gear. When you're in a hurry, you need 5th!

* I went to The Fold in Marengo for the first time. It was fabulous, even though we got terribly lost in the middle of nowhere. Their store is a real destination LYS. It was packed for their New Year's Sale, but everyone was in such good spirits. There are few other stores where standing in line for forty minutes would be tolerated. Kelly bought really great roving to try out her new spinning wheel and I was very good and only bought two skeins of yarn. They were 560 yard put-ups, but technically only two skeins.

* I'm back to riding the train for my regular commute. I would prefer to drive, but the parking costs were killing me. Sadly, the Trib company still hasn't returned to my train station to fill the paper boxes. Did you know that it is November 15th, 2007? Well, that is the date on the paper in the Tribune box at my train station, and it really ticks me off. Have they given up my area as Sun Times readers? I never read that other paper, even though it is the only one available for purchase on my way in. Perhaps this is a sign that I should knit more instead of reading the paper.


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