The Cut Direct

I have purchased several copies of Einstein's Dreams over the years. It is a truly amazing book that I have given as a gift six times, I think. One of my Lighting Design classmates introduced me to the book in college, saying that it had completely changed her ideas about design. It's a life changing book that has inspired plays, dances, and a cult following. Thank god Alan Lightman has no inclination to be the next L. Ron Hubbard. Though I love this book dearly, I've never managed to keep a copy of it for myself. Every time that I buy one, I end up giving it away.

I bought a copy to give as a Christmas gift this year. It looks as though this one will stay in the library. I am no longer speaking to the intended recipient. This is a recent, painful development that has left me contemplating the fragile and ephemeral nature of friendships.

For one person to look directly at another and not acknowledge the other ... is such a breach of civility that only an unforgivable misdemeanor can warrant the rebuke... It is a direct stare of blank refusal, and is not only insulting to its victim but embarrassing to every witness. Happily it is practically unknown in polite society. Emily Post, 1922


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