Does your life ever feel like a game of Frogger? Lately, readers, it's been one damn thing after another. Oversleep? Wading through deep snow while wearing clogs? Car troubles? Gates down at the RR crossing forever? Participating in the daily Pedestrian 500? All this and more is part of my glamorous life! I've finally got a weekday off to get my car to the mechanic and arranged to have it seen/fixed, so the car decides to freeze shut. This leads to me jumping up and down next the car, trying to stay warm, while swearing and kicking ice chunks off of the undercarriage. One good kick and an incredibly determined tug on the lower corner of the door popped it open, but not before my hands were totally numb. This cold weather just makes everything seem more aggravating than usual.
So, I've decided to get out of town for a couple of days. Minus the car. It would be wise to head towards tropical climes, but I've decided instead to go visit a friend at my alma mater. We're going to watch movies, knit, and wear many layers of clothing.
It's not all bad here, really. My boss returned from TNNA with presents for all of the staff. She brought me a signed copy of Knit Knit, a very inspirational, avant garde design book that includes a design from Anna Bell (aka Amelia Raitte). I'd thought about buying it before, so it was a very cool gift!
We also had a visit from Franklin, of The Panopticon. I hadn't seen him in a while, so I was pleasantly surprised when he came into the store. He's such a darling that I let my lunch go completely cold while I talked to him. I tried hard not to be a dork.
Well, must be off to pack an impossible collection of items into my LeSportsac Weekender. How many knitting projects do I really need? And how much can I carry?


Angela said...

Bleh. Get out of town and forget about the at-home frustrations. Pack more projects than you'll need, but not so many that you'll feel like you didn't get anything done. Oh, and have a good time!

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