Think I Have A Favorite Color?

Look at these yarns that I have in my stash: Some people may think that pink is my favorite color, but anyone who's seen my fiber knows which color is really "mine".

This is a ball of Suss yarn for a spiderweb like wrap sweater. I bought it at the expensive yarn lover's crackhouse near the theatre. Maybe I should have had them wind the skeins into balls for me, because it was a serious challenge. It didn't want to cooperate at all. The yarn is two very fine strands of hairy goodness held together, which probably means that it can't be torn out. Only for the confident knitter who makes no mistakes.

Anyone who has knit with mohair before knows how difficult it is to tear it out. I've heard that putting the fabric in the freezer first helps to unhook all its little hairs for a frogging session. Knock on wood, I've never had to try. This yarn is from La Droguerie in Paris, and it is sooo my color. I plan to make a cardigan out of it, with matching mother-of-pearl buttons. Nothing particularly fancy, like the cabled La Gran pattern I've drooled over for years, but something a bit vintage. And it's from France, did I mention that?

Here's another shot of that hand-dyed alpaca that I bought on sale. Not a summer fabric, but I look forward to working with it. I think alpaca is the "it" fiber right now.

And here's an in progress shot of the Cashmerino Cowl, that sweater of many names. I'm working on the fairly wide waistband ribbing now. It's three inches deep, or it will be when I am done with it. Notice the tiny needles. I'd hoped to work on it on the train tonight, but an inconsiderate gentleman took up my personal space instead. Or, it's impossible to knit with one shoulder pinned to the windowpane. Sure, he had a right to sit in that seat, but did he have to sit with his legs apart in that odd, masculine fashion? Instead, I paged through the New Yorker that arrived today, which was probably better for my wrist anyway.

Didn't you miss those pics in my last several posts? I'm trying to figure out how to transfer images from my phone to my computer, as I am far more likely to have my cell phone with me than my camera these days. There oughta be a way... In case I wonder past something fabulous.


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