So, a little bit of redesign here at Reciprocity Failure. I was looking for a change and tried a couple of different templates before settling on this one. Sorry to everyone on an update feed, you probably got a few emails on that one! Well, in the end, I've chosen a template virtually identical to the one that I used before. The background color is dark instead of cream now, but the dots and everything are the same. Not a bold change, friends, but I like it.
Things are a little easier at work. I've started actually making sales, after a week of nothing. That was very difficult, because I was used to being a total rock star in fundraising. Sales has a very different pace, and it has been hard adjusting to that. Still, I love my job. My boss is amazing, it's a very positive, fun environment, and my coworkers are really great. It feels good to get the swing of it now, because it was starting to look like I wouldn't!
On the knitting front: the amazing Colinette project is idling now, waiting for that additional skein of yarn. God only knows when it will show up. I have such a short attention span for mail order. Thank god I live in a city full of yarn shops, because it would be a big problem if I had to do everything from a catalog. Well, I don't mean to be a big pessimist, but I went back to look at the website whence I bought the yarn and found that they had the color/yarn I ordered listed as out of stock. So, I may have to wait a while. Or I might have just gotten under the wire. We'll see. I don't really want to get too far into the sleeves before it arrives, in case it's noticeably different from the yarn I have now. It's hard to double-strand if you run out! Instead, I've pulled the beautiful top-down raglan sweater from its back burner. I'd sort of forgotten how luscious the yarn is. Well, other knitters will roll their eyes: how could I forget what a great hand cashmere blend yarn has? Still, terrific. I didn't miss working with those tiny needles, which is why I can't do any marathon knitting sessions on this project. Large needles are great for (relatively) instant gratification, but how many bulky sweaters do I need? That said, I don't think I'll ever be able to switch over to the European school of thought on gauge. Why do so many Rowan and Phildar patterns feature such fine gauge yarn? Who wants to knit an entire sweater at nine stitches to the inch?! Sadly, that's not hyperbole.
Oh, I'm procrastinating. I should be doing paperwork for my show, but I'm resisting. I already have the paperwork generated, you see, I just have to fill in additional info that will undoubtedly be changed later. Sigh. I could have avoided this problem if I'd left the running cue sheets at the theatre, but instead I tucked them in my script and brought them home. That would make it very hard for the designer (whom I assist) to train the new board operator. So, I have to make a crib sheet of all the levels and get it off to him. I guess I'll go do that now...


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