How long will I be satisfied by the contents of my stash and not tempted to buy more fiber? Well, until the sales fliers from a couple of LYSes arrived in the mail today. Yes. I am ashamed. I resisted the temptation to purchase deeply marked down Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky to make a fantastic shrug. The shrug would be chunky, and I don't need chunky anything anywhere on my person. Also, I just bought yarn to make a shrug from the lovely people at the Phildar counter in Le Printemps. Shrugs are not like handbags: one can have too many.
However, I will probably head over to my actually local LYS during their sale this week to look for a couple of skeins of Lorna's Laces sportweight. I bought three skeins of it a couple of months ago, planning to make a Clapotis scarf (resistance is futile!). Except, it's not the silk blend called for in the pattern (and probably not a clever substitute) and has really great yardage. There are 225 yards to the skein, which makes three skeins for a scarf, no matter how wide, overkill. A bit of math revealed that I'd only need two more to make another of Lewis's Classy Drug Rug. That pattern, which has a completely different name in its published form, only calls for an astonishing 1,080 yards. That's in worsted weight yarn, and for an adult size! And they're having a storewide sale, which ought to include the usually excluded hand-dyed yarns. Does this reek of validation? It would maximize the potential of yarn already in my stash...
Work continues on the Giotto funnelneck pullover, despite my return to work today. The back piece is finished, and I've done about seven inches of the front. When I bought the yarn, I saw all of the skeins come out of the same mill pack, so I know that they're from the same lot. Except it looks like they're not. Hand-dyeds are like that, so I've been working alternating rows from different balls. Somehow, the back still looks pinker than the front. If it wouldn't be a total pain in the ass, I would tear it out in order to more equitably distribute pinkness through the garment, but I think this is one of those things that only I will see in the finished garment.


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