We had a really terrible matinee audience on Sunday at the theatre. There was a large group of college students, from a local questionably accredited college. I think a good description is "commuter school". There was a devastating mount of inappropriate laughter, and longer than usual crying on the part of one of the actresses. I was so upset. We have no intermission, so there was no way to kick them out. Sigh.
I took a five hour nap yesterday afternoon. Naturally, I woke up with a cold. Or should I say, another cold. I had one during the film fest. What a drag. Luckily, I still have some Nelsons Cold and Flu. I should stock up at the apothecary before flu season hits. I certainly won't want to haul ass up to Lincoln Square when I am sick.
Today, as I drove to Stitch n Bitch, I listened to a report on NPR about the Iowa Caucus. I've been fascinated by the caucus system for years, yet somehow never participated in one during my residence in that illustrious state. That's another story.... We'll save Cook County voting fraud for another day. At first, I was glad to hear a piece detailing the workings of the humble caucus. Until I heard a misleading factual error, repeated several tmes throughout the report. Their experts stated that only Democrats can participate in the caucus. That simply is not true. Their will not be a Republican caucus in this election, since there is no one challenging the president for their nomination. It is true that voters participating in the caucus must be registered party members (no independents allowed). Republicans, alas, are allowed. I was really saddened by this misrepresentation of the caucus. It's a charming institution. Groups of voters, all essentially neighbors, convene to engage in intelligent political discourse. It's kind of like direct democracy. Granted, this takes place, usually, at someone's house, with the republicans in the living room and the democrats in the kitchen, it's much better than the other 49 states can put together. The caucus works so well in Iowa because of its relatively small population and high level of education. It would never work in a big state like Massachusetts. Damn that NPR! I may send them an email later...when I'm in less of a crazy mood.
I finally got my subscription problems with Tin House straightened out. Too bad this has dragged on since the sub started. Getting on the phone instead of relying on politely worded emails yielded greater results.


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