Free at last!
I finished the last of my xmas knitting projects yesterday. So I can go back to something for myself. Well, that's misleading. I've had several me-projects marinating, providing contrasting gauge to the seven stitches to the inch socks. I'm back on the Everyday Cardigan. The second sleeve was ripped out for about the millionth time, though much earlier in the process this time than last. I finally bit the bullet and redid my gauge swatch. I was using the wrong size needles for the job. I'd like to have that sweater finished in time for xmas, but that may be overly ambitious.
I spent almost all of Monday napping. I'm still trying to kick "that thing that's going around" (the actual medical description). Numerous doses of Walgreen's "Oral Relief" have been employed. I was filled with a sense of dread as I listened to the news on NPR. How is the government not trying to screw us over? The laws governing overtime are being overhauled so that millions of workers who now qualify will become ineligible. Talk about a big fuck you from the powers that be. The federal gov't is also moving to force federally funded clinics to notify a girl's parents before giving her any birth control "drugs or devices". According to Bust magazine, experts predict that this bill could devastate efforts to prevent teen pregnancy, as an estimated 60% of teens would stop using clinics if their parents had to be informed. Also, the Bushites are modifying privacy laws as they apply to minors. Doctors may now inform an underage patient's parents of std and pregnancy tests, as well as treatments. They're also threatening to pull school district funding from schools that distribute emergency contraceptives under the "Schoolchildren's Health Protection Act". Because girls don't need their health issues addressed, even though they generally bear the burden of contraception. I wanted to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed permanently. I recall thinking, upon learning that Bush's theft of the 2000 election had gained legal recognition, that it was going to be a long four years. Well, how long will we have to live with the legacy of these dark years? Will the republicans not rest until all American women are chained to a radiator, completely stripped of the right to make decisions about their lives and bodies?!
Other depressing thoughts: the City of Chicago decided against me in the matter of my unjust parking ticket, even though I sent a very nicely worded letter of appeal, with supporting evidence enclosed. I told my mother that she will have to go and appeal it in person, as the car is still technically hers. Also, I don't have a job lined up after my current one. So, as of the end of November, I will again be unemployed. We'll see if my attempts to collect unemployment will be anymore fruitful this time around. Dubious.


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