Many things have happened since my last post. I've never pretended to be punctual or prolific with this site. Anyone relying upon my blog for the stories of my life will have to read between the lines or pick up the goddamn phone.
I'm listening to Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man. It's a sort of side project for her, as it isn't with Portishead. It's been so long since the last Portishead album, I wonder if they'll ever release another. So I was excited to see that their lead singer had a solo album out. It isn't like her previous work, and yet it is. Some of the reviews described it as alt-country, but it's really alt-alt. When I pulled up its details on cddb, it was classified as general alternative. What a bland description. To what is "general alternative" the alternative? Everything, I guess. It's a beautiful album, whatever you call it.
I haven't been listening to a lot of music lately, which is odd. I listen to the radio during my commute, but don't count that. I haven't sat down and spun the new Dido cd that I bought a month ago. All the music I've intentionally spun has been in the sound design for my current show. And how many times can you listen to "Jack and Jill" without snapping? I'd use lots of sad Carpenters songs in the preshow, but that would imply that it was a period piece, which it isn't.
Oh, that fabulously respectable regional theatre where I am working messed up my paycheck again. Last time, it was lower than the agreed upon amount because I was still on an hourly scale. I hold little hope of having that rectified. This week, they forgot to cut me a check. I'd expect this crap from a little company, but not a big Tony Award winner.
I spent part of the weekend with my good friend Sarafina. We don't see each other that often, which is funny since we live in the same part of the world. So, I called her to have drinks after work on Friday and ended spending most of Saturday with her as well. We went to see the fabulous Die Mommy Die at Piper's Alley. My mother was disturbed by this when I cheerfully recited the title to her. It's a marvellous period piece lampooning the old studio pictures of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. The production design was spot on, and the costumes elicited several gasps. Highly recommended for lovers of camp and high production values.
This past week, I also encountered a bum begging next to an ATM on Clark. I was there to arrange finances for a night of ale, when he asked me for a dollar. Like ATMs dispense singles! He had a crutch, and I momentarily wondered if he planned to trip and/or hit me with it. He did not.
Lewis took me to the apothecary in Lincoln Square. What a delightful, expensive little store! He knows where to take his sickly friends. Afterwards, I met a friend for drinks (the night of the bum) and managed to mispronounce apothecary several times. I tried to laugh it off, but was embarassed as I wasn't even that drunk.

Knitting Progress:
*I have completed a single sock of the pair to be given to my grandfather for xmas. It has invited many questions and admiring remarks at work.
*I am already past the heel of my second sock for Lewis, also a xmas present.
*I knit up my orange and pink felted bag in less than 24 hours. Delightful, but it didn't turn out quite how I expected. I've started a matching scarf in 1x1 rib, as I enjoy the color combination so much. The scarf is slow moving, because of the pattern, but a nicely dense fabric.
*I've picked up the Karabella cabled hat again, and am now actually into the body of the hat. After all the time I've put into it, I hope that this hat looks like a million dollars!
*I found a source for the much sought-after Phildar yarn in my peppermint twist sweater project. I think they're the only source in the US, at least the only ones willing to sell single balls. Oddly enough, the store is an hour away from my summer stock home. Who knows when I'll get to that project, but I will be glad to have all the materials assembled.
*I bought the new Interweave, since it has a good article on gloves and mittens. Hours earlier, I'd been discussing the need for bum's gloves (the kind with the fingers snipped off). The theatre is about as warm as a meat locker. I never take my coat off there. Still, I have so many projecst going at the moment that I dare not start another. I'm relieved that I didn't decide to knit lots of xmas presents this year. That would be crazy.

I'm almost done with my xmas shopping this year. It's a nice feeling. Feeling broke is not so great, but has much to do with my paycheck woes and $135 phone bill. Alas, the three left are two important female relatives and one hard-to-shop-for cousin.

Other things that have made me laugh lately:
*The clerk at Target asking me if I wanted a gift receipt when I was buying hair color and a roll of wrapping paper. What kind of cheap bastard do I look like?
* The "bridge out" sign on the Ryan around 45 Street. The bridge has been torn down.
*The new Garrison Keillor book. Great Minnesota humor.


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