True or False: Knitting lace while you are sick is a good idea.
Now, I thought that statement was true today, though clearly it is false. The end result? A couple of hours spent with a crochet hook fixing my mistakes followed by a few minutes of frogging. Really, I'm not that upset about it. In fact, I think it's kind of funny that I even tried knitting lace while my brain was stuck in second gear. Fortunately, I am feeling better this evening and am wise enough to put aside that project for another day.
Was anyone else excited to hear that Dumbledore is gay? It doesn't matter at all in the course of the HP story, but that's why I like it. Zoe is of a similar opinion. We've decided to make Dumbledore amigurumis to celebrate. At the rate I am moving, that doll might be done in time for Pride next year. As for the people who are upset about this revelation-- there are far more serious things happening in the world. Are they really willing to overlook "witchcraft" and Christ-like figures but unwilling to accept a friend of Dorothy at Hogwarts? I think it's fabulous. Alert readers may also recall that Dumbledore is a knitter, too. I hope that doesn't offend anyone's delicate sensibilities!


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