I should be knitting

Holy shit. Christmas is less than two months away. It comes at the same time every year, but it still somehow manages to sneak up on me. The holiday goodies are already in at Lush*, but my fingers aren't dancing around any crimbo presents. After last year, I seriously considered giving all my ungrateful people gift certificates to Target (I know that Waldemart would be more degrading, but my resolve to never shop there is strong!). That may still happen for a few of them.
I am trying to be a bit more reasonable this year in my knitting list:
*three pairs of socks (one in sport weight)
*a scarf
*two pairs of slippers
*two pairs of armwarmers

I don't know who I am fooling with those three pairs of socks! I knit fast, but I have to sleep sometime! I actually got to knit a bit of my own project today at work, which was a luxury. Usually, I am too busy with other things, but I whipped out Juliet and stitched away while we had a visit from one of our yarn reps. I've finished three repeats of the lace pattern, but I think that I have three or four more to go.

The windows in my car have decided that they do not want to roll down. I suppose that's better than refusing to go up, but still damned inconvenient. What if I want to go to a drive-up? I wonder if there is some secret child lock that I accidentally tripped or simply a short in the electrical system. See, again, I fool myself--there's nothing simple about a short!

I discovered this little problem while making a mad dash to Lush with Zoe after work. I'm not sure why we wanted to roll down the windows in fifty degree weather, but there it is. We got there in just the nick of time to sniff all of the holiday goodies. I was surprised by my likes and dislikes this year. Twinkle, as last year, is on the top of my list. Love that American Cream scent! I also bought a Holiday Slice, which seems to be Ruby Slippers with a new name. I was disappointed by the other holiday bath bombs. Green Party smelled kind of medicinal and I hate cleaning up all of those little streamers. I was surprised to like one of the holiday jellies, Gold, Frankincense, and Beer. The name says it all, really. It has a wonderful, warm scent similar to the base note of my much beloved bottle of Egoiste.

Off to the needles.....


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