No, not my stepmother. The ancient Greek. I'm going through a Penelope cycle. That Picovoli pullover that I've been knitting off and on for weeks? Well, I was almost done with the waist shaping when I realized that I'd screwed up my row count on the decreases. I knit a lot of rows that I didn't need to there, and made a very gradual waist. That's no good.
Feeling disgusted by the Picovoli, I decided to knit my Jitterbug socks for a while instead. I'm on the second sock, which is known to be difficult. My difficulty? I dropped a stitch while doing the short row heel. For non-knitting readers, that is very bad. Even worse? I didn't notice until I finished the heel. Well, there's an hour plus of knitting torn out in a minute. I'm not really ticked about it, though. I just need to pay closer attention to what I'm doing. Every third row does not mean every fourth, and all of those stitches are in the heel for a reason.
I'm having a bit of an off day. The workmen painting the house finally returned, so they're making lots of noise outside. Who knew that painting was so noisy? And I can't curl up with a book or take one of my infamous naps because I am blocking a sweater on my bed. It is damp and smells like a wet dog. At least Winston hasn't attacked it or lain down upon it this time... maybe I should go check.


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