For the past several months, for unknown reasons, a trade journal has been emailing me their monthly newsletter. Calling them a trade journal is really generous, actually, since the magazine used to be the in-house for a student theatre organization. They're really trying to market themselves to industry professionals, and this apparently includes sending me lots of emails. Every time that I have received one, I have requested to be removed from their list. Every time, the unsubscribe message has bounced back to me. Argh. This time, I actually looked at the address in the link and saw that it was wrong. Now, I don't think that the people in question are clever enough to deliberately do that, and you'll see why later in the story. After several months of their community theatre level crap, I was pretty pissed. I went to their website and emailed the web admin, using strong words. This prompted three further messages from them, suggesting that the messages were being forwarded to me. Anyone that knows me knows better. I emailed back, explaining the faulty email address in their unsubscribe link. Today, I got an email about my *faculty* email address. You can imagine the post office sigh I let out when I read that email. It looks like I'll have to block all email from them with my spam blocker. Reading their crap is cutting into my Ravelry time!


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