Some douchebag put a flier on my windshield today. From across the lot, it looked like a ticket, which is not funny. Closer inspection revealed that it was political material for Ron Paul for President. I don't really know much about the Republican field (despite driving a Buick Century. The pro-choice bumper sticker should have been a clue.), so I read it while waiting for an extremely long train to cross. Ron Paul is against the UN. He's also endorsed by Gun Owners of America and the Right to Life Committee. There's also a picture of him with Ronald Reagan: a youngish looking Reagan and an old looking Ron Paul. Oh, and he's against the UN, but apparently pro-litter, as I doubt many of the other commuters did more than tear it off their vehicles and throw the flier on the ground. In, short: Ron Paul, you are not getting my vote. I'm a single issue voter (and you're on the other side), have never voted Republican, and would like to elect a president under the age of seventy. Oh, and don't put anything else on my car.

In less cranky news, my invitation to Ravelry finally arrived! Yay!!! I stayed up way too late playing with it last night and had to will myself to get out of bed and go to work this morning. One of my coworkers, referring to my changing shifts, asked me today if I like getting up in the morning. My answer was a concise 'no'. Look for me on Ravelry. My screen name is soundknitter and my profile is a work in progress.

This weekend is going to be hard to prioritize. I've got to finish my mom's birthday present (knitted, of course), go to my friend's opening night, and read the new Harry Potter. I wasn't planning to go see the show until my friend sent me an email about it. I've seen the show on Broadway and worked on a big production of it in Chicago, so I'm not falling over myself to go see it at an LOA theatre. I like to think of myself as a good friend, though, so I'll go. It has high camp potential.


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