I had, as my boss put it, a Harry Potter weekend. I stayed up insanely late on Friday to read the book. The late part was aided by my long wait at the bookstore. That isn't a complaint; I had a good time with the other hardy souls waiting in line. I even got to use some of my Borders Rewards towards my purchase. Whoo-hoo! So, I've read the book and am almost done re-reading it. I read very quickly, but often re-read for detail. I won't post any spoilers, but I was sad that one of my favorite characters (somewhat minor) was killed off.
So, after the luxurious three day weekend,I headed back to work this morning. There is a new girl who is working on a show with one of my Goodman friends, and it turns out that she and I did a show together but never met. Crazy. I had been thinking about that show because I saw another production of it at a local theatre. The production values were low, low, low, but they had a lot of heart. Basically no design concept and some damn big dark spots on stage, but my expectations were low. It did remind me how much I liked the show, after all of the negativity surrounding the Chicago production.
I got my hair cut on Friday. I really needed it. I don't like having hair stuck to the nape of my neck in the heat. Since my hair is short now, after soooo many years of wearing it long, a ponytail isn't an option. It is cut in a graduated bob, with the longest layer curling under my jawline. Very flapperish. Actually, it really looks like the haircut that so many of the sorority girls had when I was in college, but didn't have the nerve to do with my nearly waist-length hair. Why I wanted hair like Jan Brady, I do not recall. I gradually cut it back. When you've got long hair, no one really notices when you chop off 6", because it's still long. Until you get above the shoulder. If I'd planned properly, I could have donated my hair to some little bald girl with cancer. I didn't, and the tranferrence of split ends was averted. The assistant manager at work called my hair sassy today. I don't know how I feel about that. I'll post a pic after I hair model tomorrow and you can judge for yourself.
Speaking of sassy, do you remember the magazine Sassy? I loved it, in a way that I've loved no other magazine, not even the New Yorker or Bitch. It rocked, back in the day. Then it was bought out by Teen magazine and died a horrible, change of editorial staff, death. Most of the people from Sassy went on to Jane magazine. Jane really wanted to be a grown-up Sassy, and for a while it was. Then it began to suck. A lot. If I want to look at $500 dresses and jackets with prices "upon request", I'll read Vogue, thank you. And the virginity auction? Desperate on so many levels. I wasn't too sad, then, when I read that Jane is folding after this month. A lot of people stopped reading after Jane Pratt left (and perhaps before) and it never really lived up to its Sassy heritage. Oh, well.


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