Sitting on my hands

I finished my Very Classy Drug Rug, cables and all, in record time. I love it. I want to live in it. I want to make another one like it. I had lofty goals for completing a Classy Drug Rug soon, in beautiful variegated purple Malabrigo yarn. That will not be happening soon.
We've had our first snowfall of '07 here in Chicago. Nothing major, but enough to feel like winter again. My car doors froze shut in the train station parking lot. It was freezing and I had to go to the bathroom (because the cold seems to do that to me). And it was the doors, not the locks that were frozen, so the old lighter on the key trick didn't work. I kicked and tugged and poked at the door hinges with an old key to no avail. Finally, a good samaritan came to my aid. She was a well dressed lady and she yanked on that door like a stevedore. It popped right open for her. I am so grateful for her aid.
I was so tired after this excitement that I went home and took a long, hot bath. It was heaven. It was also purple, since I used the blackberry bath bomb that my grandmother gave me for xmas. At some point later that evening, I became aware of an ache in my right arm--the one that I use for everything. I was really aware of it this morning. I believe this to be the result of my battle of the wills with some of the finest steel to come out of Detroit. I think that I pulled a muscle in my arm trying to yank open the door of my car. So, no knitting for a while, as that would just exacerbate things. Also, I have to ice it, which is so much fun in cold weather. I am cranky. My hands itch for something to do. Unfortunately my other hobby, crossword puzzles, also uses my right arm a lot. I guess that also rules out archery and fly fishing, eh?
Fortunately, I still have a couple of unread xmas books: Life Changing (with foreword by Al Gore) and the new collection of short stories by Haruki Murakami. Today, I was totally engrossed in the Murakami book on the train. He's one of my favorite authors.
I also have a few podcasts to entertain me, if I sit in one of the quieter cars on the train. I know it's not a library, but Christ do people make a lot of noise on the train! I'm almost entirely caught up on my backlog of Cast-On podcasts and have started listening to a new podcast from Australia. The podcaster is a man and sounds incredibly sexy. So it's entertaining on a few different levels.


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