My arm is much better, so the knit's back on. I made a deal with myself the other day that I could knit as long as my arm didn't hurt. If it started to hurt, I would stop. The first day, I could only knit eight rows on the CDR (granted, they were 90 stitches across). This was followed by a long soak in the tub, very restorative. I've since finished the front panel of the Classy Drug Rug and one of the sleeves. It's going to be the perfect lazy day sweater.
While I was on knitting sabbatical, I still engaged in fiber related activity. Long time readers may recall the sad story of the Somewhat Cowl. After much knitting on tiny needles with expensive yarn, it didn't fit. It was saggy in the armpits. That's not exactly a flattering look, so I was disappointed. I couldn't bear to rip it out, so I threw it behind the laundry hamper where it stayed for about six months. I frogged it. Frogging is a bittersweet experience. You get your yarn back, but you also see all those hours of work disappear in a matter of minutes. I wound it into balls, which I dutifully washed in the tub. The next day, a tentative poke into the center of the still wet balls revealed yarn ramen. The trip to the tub was pointless. I skeined the yarn, as I should have in the first place, and will wash it again one of these days.
Reclaiming the yarn was ultimately satisfying. It was being wasted and now it can find another incarnation. Also, I've decided to join in the Knit From Your Stash movement going around the knitblogs. I own a ridiculous amount of yarn. I would be embarrassed to tell you all of the things that I have in my stash. Let's just say that I have enough yarn to knit myself a new sweater for every day of the week.
We had our first opening night of the year at work this week and I struggled to stay awake. The show was fabulous, but I was exhausted. Pale faced. Pained by sinuses. Only able to drink 2/3 of a beer at the party before leaving at eleven. The next morning, I woke up feeling like absolute crap. This seriously derailed my plans to go to work and take care of my other commitments for the day. Fortunately, everyone was very understanding. There must be something going around at work, because Brina seemed to be coming down with the same thing today.
Other news from work: the business office has found a replacement for my boss. He announced this today, which made us all sad. He's the coolest boss I've ever had and he'll be sorely missed. This necessitates a knitted gift. That means breaking my pledge to knit from stash exclusively this year. As it is gift knitting, I think it's technically okay. I'm not paying retail for the yarn in question (Colinette Tagliatelli) and supporting an excellent LYS. Granted, the store in question isn't in the same hemisphere as my current address... The yarn has really great drape in seed stitch, so I'm going to knit a scarf similar to the one that I made for Margaret last year. Maybe without the fringe, I'm not sure yet.


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