I tied hand-dyed silk fringe onto my Tibetan silk scarf. I'm not sure that I like it as much now. The fringe is perhaps too much, as it has become the focal point of the scarf. That was not my intent---I wanted a really luxe scarf.
My ripped out Zodiac camisole is slowly growing again. Discouragement has set in.
Also discouraging-- my trip to the Unemployment office. The person manning the desk couldn't deviate from the script, unable to answer my question about acceptable forms of identification. What was I thinking, asking him to think on a Friday afternoon? Also, they weren't accepting any more applications at the time that I went in. Perhaps they are cooking their stats, or maybe processing the forms takes a really looong time. In any case, he stamped the form with Friday's date so that I'll get credit for this week. So I get to return to the incredibly unattractive neighborhood where the office is located again on Monday.
My mother sewed up the seams on my Cadiz v-neck, my big summer project. I am wearing it now, enjoying its lovely drape and sleevelessness. It's still quite hot here, though I heard that northern Alaska (an oxymoron?) got snow last night.
Hope to go to Stitches Midwest tomorrow, keeping an eye out for a good non-wool yarn. One of my friends is "allergic" to wool and in need of a replacement scarf. The last one, one of mine, was ruined by her roommate's cat. I am highly suspicious of wool allergies. There are so many different types of wool that one can be sensitive--or not--towards. Who can't tolerate a luscious merino? These allergies drive me nuts. I dated a man who was allergic to wool and didn't mention it until after I sent him a big Icelandic wool scarf. He also later used it as a pretext to make me remove my sweater. So you can understand my skepticism.
So what projects do I have in the works? Well, there are so many to choose from:
*Everyday cardigan (in a kit from Peace Fleece) in Hemlock, a tweedy green. I've dreamt of this sweater for years and hope that it lives up to my expectations. Similar in style and color to a chenille sweater that I had in high school.
*Scandinavian raglan/t-neck sweater, colorblocked in green and dark blue auraucania yarn, an organic wool produced in South America. It's scandanavian because the author of the pattern lives there.
*Many, many socks.
*Some xmas presents? I think that I've made a few too many scarves in the past few years, but doubt that sweaters will happen anytime soon. Hmmm...
Basically, I'm going to make some cold-weather clothes. Sleeveless sweaters are all nice and good until the temperatures drop. As they do with great predictability in Chicago.

In non-knitting news, I'm looking for a job. I had to register for an on-line talent matching service to get my unemployment benefits. Totally useless. None of the job descriptions are anything close to what I do. Their suggestions were amusing, but alarmingly far off from my attempts. Apparently stagehands, sound designers, lighting designers, theatre designers, sound engineers, etc. don't apply for unemployment. I ended up not entering one at all. So their suggested matches were far from my field. Thank god for the trades!


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