I've thought of a possible new title for this site. It's an anagram of my name. Hijinks on Snort. Maybe that suggests a crazy, rock and roll lifestyle that I don't lead. Still, it amuses me greatly.
I wrote five nearly identical letters tonight. It was a bit of a drag. My nib kept clogging up with ink, so I had to lick it and scratch away on a piece of scrap paper. Life sure is fun with a black tongue!
I'm slaving away in the studio late again, largely my own fault. I wanted to take a nap this afternoon, so I get to make back up discs at 11 pm. That's still early....and there's no one around to pester me. If only the deck would stop inserting stupid dead tracks that I'll have to edit out later! It's funny how well minidiscs do some things and how poorly they do others.


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