I've had a tumultuous couple of weeks since my last post. I used to be so faithful about updating my blog.
While I haven't been updating this page, I've been up to the following: packing up all of my personal belongings and driving halfway across the continent; knitting four hats (thank god for worsted weight yarn!); starting on a rowan script bag in a bulky lavender wool, then discovering that I was 40 meters short; making a fabulous modern tweed scarf with an intentional hole in it to be given as an xmas present. I was pretty irked at the authors of the pattern for the scarf. The photo had a big hole to pull the end of the scarf through, yet the pattern called for a single yarnover hole! Luckily, my mother was on hand to advise alternate methods. I proceeded to make the hole "too big". Pretty strong talk from a woman who just made a hat large enough to fit Mush Mouth on Fat Albert! She plans to felt it down to human size soon.


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