Eleanor and I went to the Knit Out in Union Square today. Eleanor is currently knitting a striped hat on retro colored metal dps. I took my spiral ribbed sock (in progress), which was fussed over by several people. It is cute, but I haven't internalized the pattern yet. I think that the variegation makes it look trickier than it is, which is fine as far as I am concerned. I've also used yarn that is printed to make a fair isle pattern. I'm shameless. My objective in going to this free event (other than sussing out the NY knitting community) was to learn to knit backwards. Luckily, there was a slightly intimidating European woman working the sweater doctor table who taught me the technique. It's still difficult for me, since I just learned it. Also, I hold the yarn in my right hand, which I gather is kind of goofy for american knitters, which makes it tricky. Not as tricky as relearning to knit, though. So, I came home and tried it out on my sweater in progress and almost did a dance of joy. This is much better than turning the sweater around and around again!
Oh, that. I've decided to stop marinating my New Age shell while I still have some hope of wearing sleeveless garments this year. I finished the back piece and have begun working on the front. It still looks like a muppet, but if you squint, you can sort of see a sweater. After this, and all of my other current projects (spiral socks, bias scarf, my other fair isle sock, the long linger lined socks), I may tackle a sweater with sleeves. But that won't happen for a while


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