UFOs, be gone!

I have decided that I will finish or tear out all of my UFOs and WIPs before starting any new projects. I'm dying to cast on something new! Because I am shameless (or need to subject myself to internet shame in order to motivate myself to finish a bunch of abandoned projects), here's a rundown:

  • Damariscotta tee-- This shapely tee with crochet edged neckline, knit in Malabrigo's worsted cotton, lay abandoned in my credenza for about a year. I'd knit it from the top down, all the way to the waist increases before casting it aside for more exciting knitting. The pattern calls for a double knit hem with tubular bind-off. Um, no. All of my double knitting experience has ended in disaster, so I am knitting a turned hem and whipstitching it to the body. I highly recommend weaving in a high contrast lifeline in the row before starting the turned hem, so that you have a reference point for stitching the seam later. I've had my fair share of wonky picot edges, so I wish that I'd thought of the lifeline earlier.
  • Everlasting pullover-- This recently abandoned project was set aside in favor of small, summery projects after one end of the circular needles developed a burr. I tried sanding it down and powering through it, but the yarn is a splitty, 12 ply cashmere blend. The resulting fabric is sprongy and lush, but the process of knitting it can be exasperating. I cannot tell you how many times I accidentally put the tip of the needle through the yarn. The burred needle's manufacturer sent me a free replacement, so the everlasting pullover is free to resume, weather permitting.
  • Fairly Easy Fairisle Cardigan-- This has been marinating the longest of all of my UFOs. I knit the peeries, sleeves, and body, but ran out of steam on the colorwork yoke. It's not hard and it's knit with bulky yarn, but the flat construction makes the colorwork a bit of a drag. Guaranteed to make a cozy winter favorite for someone. I can't remember what size I was making, so this might go to one of the female relatives.
  • 2830 jacket with heavy mods-- This one potentially needs the most work. It needs sleeves, but after they are made up I will tear out the hem edge and lengthen it. My mother thinks that the yarn is a little ugly. It's a two color variegated hand-dye.  I think it is lovely, but can see how it might not be to everyone's taste. I have some darling pink oval buttons for it, which it makes it slightly more likely that I will actually finish it someday.
  • Transatlantic Shawl-- It just needs the border finished and a little crochet work. But the rows are soooo long.
  • Twilight Henley-- Needs to be sewn together and get its collar. I am very unenthusiastic about sewing right now. This might be due to the hot weather. Finishing work is so dull, but it always pays to take your time and do it properly. A sweater that took months to knit can be ruined in minutes by slapdash finishing.
  • Wicked Cardigan-- This was put on the back burner so that I could make seasonally appropriate projects. Now that it's August, I'm starting to think ahead to cozy fall sweaters. Must find air conditioned place where I can hang out and knit so that I don't felt this with my sweat!
  • Ulmus shawl-- I didn't get into the rhythm of this pattern, so I will probably tear it out and start over when I can give it the attention it deserves.
Most of these projects can be finished with one big push, an afternoon or an evening's worth of finishing and knitting before they can be enjoyed. What that says about my attention span is not great, but I'll be able to have lots of new handknit garments with little effort on my part.

No smoke from the Vatican on everything else going on right now. My knitting I can control.


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