Mo-om! All the other kids are being mean to me!

It is hard to determine tone on the internet. This probably leads to a lot of unnecessary flame wars. I'm not in one, but I am frustrated and my feelings are a little hurt. I should explain. I am trying to sell some unloved yarn from my stash, fourteen skeins of alpaca that just don't interest me anymore. So, I posted them on Ravelry for $50, which is the wholesale price. Shortly afterward, a new member wrote a post saying that the price was "the problem". Seems critical, eh? I explained that the price I am asking is a 50% discount, at which point other people tried to "help" me understand. I understand that the economy is in the shitter. One of the reasons that I am selling the yarn is that I need the money! I know that a lot of people are losing their jobs (like me) and can't afford my asking price. I wrote a post saying that I am willing to give the criticizing poster the benefit of the doubt, which apparently only encouraged her to belabor the point. Ugh. Being the bigger person so rarely pays off. Now, I just want to take my marbles and go home. Maybe someone will buy my yarn, or maybe they won't.


Angela said...

It is amazing how people on Rav can feel the need to tell you that your thinking needs to be adjusted. Has no one heard of the free market system?! Someone (who clearly isn't the person to told you price is a problem) may think it's a great price. I get my back up about those things every once in while, and then I walk away from the computer for a bit and forget about them. Hang in!

Kirstin said...

It's all so much puffery. I sold the yarn right after that to a nice lady from Texas who didn't bat an eye at the price. That and an episode of House improved my mood.

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