Love Your Inner Gearhead

So maybe I'm not in such a hurry to make summer knits. It's cold. Cold enough that one of my friends asked me today, by way of greeting, "Are you happy that you can still wear your sweaters?". Well, yes, because I am a real sweater person, but snow in April kind of freaks me out. It even caused one of my coworkers to shriek when she saw big fat flakes floating past our big office window. The cold was accompanied by piercing wind that nearly blew my hat off and caused me to think very unkind things about the CTA while waiting on an exposed platform for a train.
Not much else going on. I got some work done on the cropped cardigan during my commute, but I hesitate to do much more before trying it on. That is one advantage to knitting from the top down, being able to try it on in progress. I am a wee bit concerned about the pattern not replacing any stitches for the sleeves. I plan to tinker with that part.
When I got home from work, there was a little package waiting for me from my Dad. He sent me a pair of Sennheiser earbuds for my birthday. I tried them out right away. HOLY SHIT are they FANTASTIC! I'd been using a sad pair of Apple earbuds (no diss to Apple, but the earbuds they package with ipods are underpowered), and riding the volume level around 60%. That drains the battery faster and also makes me think about long-term effects on my money-making ears. When I gave the new buds a spin, with Regina Spektor's Better, I set it at 30% (less than half of the previous volume). They sound so much better, like wearing a pair of studio cans instead of earbuds. Oh, and they don't make my head/ears oddly sweaty like cans do. They even came with different sized sleeves, for different sized ear canals. Those German engineers think of everything! This new audio development makes me want to listen to my entire music library anew. That would take me like two weeks, so I'll have pick and choose, I guess.


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