Okay, I'm a hypocrite. I've been on a yarn diet so that I can save up for my trip to Montreal next month. I've resisted temptations such as sales fliers from local yarn shops, invitations to trunk shows, new yarn catalogs, and my mother's repeated invitations to join her at the Stitches Midwest yarn market (a veritable Ali Baba's cave of yarn). I didn't crack. I'm sure that my mother would have loved my company and enabling on several recent trips to the LYS. I couldn't bear the temptation. Well, I finally gave in. I got an email from Webs in Northhampton featuring closeout prices on Auracaunia Nature wool. How could I resist that? Fortunately, it wasn't a grand spending spree. The sale was so excellent that I spent $30 and got enough yarn to make a cardigan. Still, I felt a wee bit guilty after all the yarn diet talk. Well, people cheat on diets. Here's a pic of the too tempting fiber. It has excellent yardage, calling for only six skeins for an adult large cardigan. And I love the color. I must be on a green kick these days, since I just bought a pair of scissors with handles almost the same shade. It looks very similar to another of my sales bargains, some alpaca blend yarn from the same manufacturer that I snapped up this spring. They do tone on tone vareigation really well.
Things are moving along lickety-split on the Anna Bell raglan sweater. Maybe it would move a bit quicker if my right hand weren't tired after a long day at work. I tend to not put my sad little bic pen down when I'm not using it, as a sort of motion efficiency move, and end up grasping it like Bob Dole for hours on end. This does not make my hand happy. It doesn't make me very happy either. The job is lousy enough already without giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome! That's a positive attitude, eh?
I went to see Mitch in Seussical last weekend, which was excellent. I sat next to his little sister, who screamed like one of the girls on the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles were on during the curtain call. I doubt that I would have gone to see the show on my own, but I really enjoyed it. The lighting design was amazing. The sound, I don't know. We had amazing seats, but that area isn't really covered by their speakers. That space would be tricky to mix, especially considering where they stuck the mixing position.
I also had a chance to catch up with Shannon, who has been quite busy with summer stock. Well, not really stock, since she gets to sleep in her own bed, but very busy. We had dinner before the show and headed over to Fado for a nightcap. This all made for a very long day, but I had an excellent time,


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