Weird Facts About Me:

* My cell phone plays the first two bars of the German national anthem when I turn it on. I think that's because Deutsche Telekom owns my cell company.

* Everyone thinks that I must have a kick-ass stereo in my car because I am a sound engineer. The truth is, my radio only cost $100 and I only just got one with a detachable face and auxiliary input.

* Even though I could build my own, I bought an 1/8" stereo cable for my ipod at Radio Shack today. It seems kind of wasteful, but at least I didn't spend $10 on a white Monster cable!

* I never wear yellow.

* My passport photo is wildly unflattering.

* I don't wear a watch. I used to, but I kept cracking the face. I gave away my last watch, a Paul Frank knock-off, in September of 2004.


The cotton cardigan is back on! My mother explained the ideal ratio for picking up stitches around a neckline, so I finally got to work on that. Looks like it will be done soon, even though I can't carry this bulky project around in my bag. I even had the foresight to buy a button for it when I was last at Nina, buying yarn for a scarf.

The Colinette Lasso camisole was back on the front burner for a few hours. I finished knitting the front (after an unfortunately misread "at the same time". Fortunately, I caught the mistake quickly.), sewed the side seams, and began running in the ends. Unfortunately, it looks as though I don't quite have enough yarn to do all the edging and straps. Straps are important, so I sent off for another ball of the yarn from the UK. It marinates again.

I'm starting to think about my future projects. What do I want to knit next? Well, there's my train project, the ribbed jacket in Giotto yarn, but I'm trying to think further ahead than that. This has been a pretty Colinette heavy year. I've barely touched all the yarn that I brought back from Europe. And that cobwebby Suss Cousins wrap jacket isn't really a winter garment. My mom has been working on a reverse stockinette sweater lately in cotton yarn that looks almost identical to the spring green yarn that I bought at La Droguerie in Paris. This has given me quite the itch to start that project, a wraparound cardigan (sense a theme?) with lace trim and an antique looking silk ribbon tie at the waist. I'll probably hide a tie on the inside as well. Hmmm... Maybe I'd like the quick pace of another Classy Drug Rug. I've got beautiful purple Malabrigo stashed to make one.

The Car:

Please don't ask about the car. Really.
I feel victimized by the whole thing. It's cost so much to get it back and fixed and it will never be the same. There's broken glass in the backseat. I considered taking it over to the car wash and vacuuming it all out when I went on a massive cleaning fit in the car Friday, but I really didn't have the energy. I used a lot of Febreeze and some quasi-organic car surface wipes to spiff old George up again. Well, that's one perk to this whole ordeal; got me to finally clean out the car. Then I took it over to Best Buy, where I learned that the thieves broke my cool looking radio in their failed attempt to steal it. So, I bought a new radio. The salesman told me to take off the face even when I'm running into 7-11. Yikes. I can hook up my ipod to it though, which I couldn't to the old radio.
The thieves also stole my rosary. That's some seriously bad karma. Yes, it was a pretty one, with aurora borealis crystal beads, but come on. So, I've been comparison shopping online for a new one. Did you know that they make auto rosaries? That is, single decade rosaries with a bracelet clasp specifically for hanging around the rear view mirror. Wow. That would certainly prevent the rosary from swinging around and hitting you in the face during tricky maneuvers. Like if you wanted to recreate the chase scene from The French Connection under the El in the loop. I even came across one made with rose scented beads, which would also attack any lingering smells in the car.
Well, all of this is on a back burner at the moment. The car is at the shop. Turns out that noise it makes and the hesitation when I try to start it was caused by a bad fuel pump. Unfortunately, I'd just gassed George up before taking him to the garage. I just can't win for losing.

Planned this week:

* A trip to Soutache for buttons, trim, etc. General fripperies.

* A visit to Joe Tech, who is in the process of moving out of his little coach house.

* My quarterly haircut. I'm such a slave to fashion.


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