It was a really beautiful day out today, but I was in the office all day. I wore nice weather clothes: a vintage inspired dress and my fabulous Dr Scholl's platform shoes. I even wore my contacts and makeup. Figured it was time to look like I cared after several days of sloth. Great, but this brought much commentary at work. No, I don't have a date or anything, I'm tired of looking like shit. This morning, I did a fake and bake, as to not expose my freakishly white legs to the world. When I washed my hands afterwards, the water must have run up (down?) my arms, because I'm a little stripey. Exfoliation will ensue. Maybe I'm just too pale for self-tanner, even the gradual kind. Despite studious application, I keep having mishaps. And my tans are invisible to anyone but me.
Decided to wind yarn into balls (that is, peloter. Why do the French have a word for that and we don't?) for the next project. Under certain lighting, my lusciously soft organic cotton yarn from Blue Sky looks burnt orange instead of tomato red. I live in horror of burnt orange knitting, and really, that color in general. I'll have to wear that garment only in flattering lighting, I guess.
I finally bought KT Tunstall's album, on impulse, today. Now I understand. I listened to it all the way into the Loop today and think that it will make good knitting music. I've decided that I can like it despite one of the songs being used constantly to promote a shitty sitcom.


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