I'm tired, so tired

I have an eight show week this week. That sounds fine, if you distribute the eight shows across seven days. Except my eight shows all happen in five days-- three two show days in a row, and two singles. It's too much. I have another three shows before my day off, and that thought puts me on the edge of tears. Please, Mr Producer, don't do this again! It's too much for everyone, especially the children. Yes, the kids are doing all eight shows too, since we don't do understudy rotation (we don't have the resources). Yes, I'm whining now. I'm tired and I want to get all of this out of my system before I go to work, where everyone else is coasting on fumes too.
Next week, I have four days off. Four! Silly me, I scheduled an appointment on Monday, so my plans to lie in bed like Brian Wilson must wait. Then, one of my friends from college is coming into town. I suspect he isn't a morning person, though.


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