Today is a red letter day. Two packages and a DVD! I'll have to stop thinking unkind thoughts about the mailman. Actually, I have the mailman to thank for the return of my mail service. Even though I complained three times, it was never communicated to my local mail carrier that the forwarding order was to stop. He took the initiative and rang the bell to inquire and now I get the New Yorker and packages from the UK and Netflix DVDs. Yay, mail!
I was really surprised that they both arrived on the same day. Says a lot about the Royal Mail, since they came from very different places in the UK. I bought four balls of R2 Rag Print, a discontinued yarn from rowan that feels like torn up tshirts, to make a poncho for one of my cousins. The R2 yarns are really different from Rowan's normal line. R2 is marketed at young, hip, design-conscious knitters (ie me and Lewis), but I think they go about it the wrong way. The patterns are all really tiny and a wee bit vague. I don't like to squint at a diagram. Also, I think that most people who are into customizing designs are already doing that and don't need a special design-wonk line marketed to them. But I digress....

R2 Print and my Liberty bag. Both British and fabulous!

When I opened the envelope, I was amazed by the smell of the yarn. Well, not really a yarn smell, but probably the scent of the shop in Wales where I bought it. It smelled of mint and something heathery, not quite lavender. My sense of smell has improved since I quit smoking, so I wonder if I missed out on this scent before.


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