Taking the Good with the Bad

Good: I've finally finished the back of the striped mercerized cotton sweater that's been sitting on my coffee table for ages!
Bad: Hours and hours of weaving in ends. Somehow, I always forget that part when I decide to undertake a striped project. Lots and lots of weaving. Weaving and seaming are my least favorite activities in the construction of a knitted garment.

Bad: I have to send my ipod in for service.
Good: The shipping box to send it to the repair center arrived from Apple the day after I requested it. They don't mess around at Apple.
More Bad: One of my coworkers threw the box in the trash and I had to spend twenty minutes on the phone with Apple repair this afternoon in order to have another one sent. I don't really understand how the box appeared to be trash to the coworkers, as it had very nice fitted foam inside and many important looking codes on the exterior.
Also, I discovered today that Apple is rolling out a new generation of ipods with a longer battery life and lower sticker price. If only I had waited!!

Good: I finally joined Hostelling International.
Bad: Because of the exchange rate, I still cannot afford to stay at the Georgian hostel near Covent Garden. It'd be lovely, but I'd like to eat while I'm there.

Bad: My roommate and I went to see Anchorman over the weekend. The screening was horrible! It looked as though they had dragged the print of the film across the floor of the projection booth before the show. The sound had a terrible low repetitive hum, very similar to the sound of the sprockets on the projector. Except more annoying. They had to stop the film twice (or was it three times?).
Good: I complained afterwards and got my money back. I saw it for free!


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